SKYMOKLEEN FC1 15 Gallons DRUM RTU-Ready to use

SKYMOKLEEN FC1  SPECIALTY CLEANER FOR HANGAR FLOORS. Remove Hydrolic Fluids and other Soils. RTU Ready to use.


SKYMOKLEEN FC1 will not harm properly applied hangar floor coating or fully cured cement. IT will rapidly and safely remove common floor soils as well as hydraulic fluids (Skydrol, etc.) Engine oils (Synthetic or organic), Most Adhesive drippings, rubber tire marking and uncured paint splatter. FC1 is completely safe with neutral PH of 7 and biodegradable.


SKYMOKLEEN FC1 15 Gallons DRUM RTU-Ready to use

SKU: SKY105-15D
  • Description

    SKYMOKLEEN FC1 is a Deep Cleaning Direct Activing Cleaner and Degreaser specifically design for the active hangar floor.

    SKYMOKLEEN FC1 is not a concentrate or detergent. It is formulated to be used with automatic, semi-automatic and manual floor cleaning machines.