What makes the SKYMO line of cleaners and degreasers different from other industrial cleaners and degreasers in the market today?


SKYMOKLEENs organic hybrid formulas have a high solvency, high flash point and are pH (7) neutral. They are very fast acting and do not leave any oily residue. They are environmentally sound.

Other solvent cleaners and degreasers may contain hazardous and/or toxic ingredients and are flammable (low flash point). Many leave behind an oily residue that has to be removed with alcohol. They may have to be shipped as HAZMAT material with increased costs. The containers, pails, buckets, drums or bottles have to be sent to a HAZMET collection center.

Aqueous industrial cleaners and degreasers have their own set of issues. They are usually sold as a concentrate and leave it up to the user to make the proper dilution – this leads to non consistent end product. Generally, aqueous cleaners and degreasers have a high (10-14) pH range which is very aggressive on the softer metals; copper, aluminum, bronze, etc. After the soil is cleared, the residue must be flushed with clean water immediately, otherwise pitting and other surface attacks will occur. The concentrates with a neutral or low (7-9) pH require much more mechanical action (stiff parts brush, etc) to help clear the soil. That increases the labor cost. Many of the bio-degradable products specifically state that the container, pail, drum etc., must be disposed of as HAZMAT waste.


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